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I am a Florida Native, was born & raised in Orlando and went to college in Tallahassee. I have been a St. Pete resident since 2012.

I’ve met so many incredible pets since starting with Calling All Dogs in 2016! I used to consider myself a “cat person”, but CAD has helped me discover that I am a “pet person!” Cats, Dogs, Fish, Ferrets, Birds, Bunnies, Lizards…bring them on as I love them all (ok, except for spiders – if you have a tarantula, I am not the sitter for you 🙂

While I work full time in property management, I cherish the time I get to spend meeting everyone and building a relationship with your pets. They all have such fun, incredible, and individual personalities.
It’s a blast getting to know them and their different idiosyncrasies! Like my Cheddar, featured in my picture: He likes to lick my face?! What’s that about? I’d love to know, what does your furry friend do??

Servicing Areas:
Old Northeast, Gandy/Gateway Area, St Pete, Shore Acres, Mid St Pete

Services Provided:
Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Walking

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