Pinellas County (727) 537-6306
South Tampa (813) 520-0076
Pinellas County (727) 537-6306
South Tampa (813) 520-0076
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I’m originally from the Midwest being born and raised in Indiana.  In 2008, I moved to Florida and have loved it ever since.  Most of my immediate family resides up North, besides my Mother who is here in Florida alongside my Godmother.
Currently, I have a Hermit Crab in a nice-sized Terrarium.  Some of my hobbies include:  Walking in nature, reading books, having Fun, and feeling happy.
Over the last several years, sitting for dogs and cats has been a joyful and fun aspect of my life!   Not only has it brought close relationships to me with other people, but I can honestly say that it’s been an absolute thrill.  Its great having the furry loved ones showing their unconditional love and me doing the same for them.  This is why I Love working with animals

Servicing Areas:
Feather Sound, Pinellas Park, Gandy/Gateway Area, Shore Acres, Mid St Pete, DTSP, St Pete

Services Provided:
Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitting, Overnight Stays

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