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To say that pets and animals are an important part of my life is quite an understatement as they bring such unconditional joy to my life! LOVE the variety of our non-human friends and companions. I LOVE their individuality, nuances, personalities, habits and their distinct natures.  I make feeble attempts to communicate with them – from dogs to frogs, cats to birds, squirrels to rabbits, etc.  Whether they offer me a lick, a nuzzle, or a cock of their heads, they give back to me acknowledgement of my efforts.

Since early childhood, I’ve had pets.  Pigs, cows, mules, chickens, dogs, cats, hermit crabs, and more! I can’t imagine life without these awesome creatures.  Currently, I am the proud parent of a Miniature Schnauzer- Bella B, a 21-pound black cat – Princess Fiona, and a feral 2-year-old cat that I have raised since birth – KiKi. In addition to these guys, I care for two other feral cats that visit me daily for their breakfast and dinner. Each morning I visit my neighborhood’s park where I feed the squirrels, ducks, turtles, and more.

You get the picture! I LOVE animals. I will LOVE yours too. So looking forward to the opportunity to meet you and yours soon!

Servicing Areas:
Indian Rocks, Bellaire Beach, Treasure Island, Redington Beach, Seminole, Indian Shores, Madeira Beach

Services Provided:
Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting

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