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Pinellas County (727) 537-6306
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Hi there!  I’m 24 years old and was born and raised here in St. Pete, but have had the pleasure of travelling throughout Florida’s beautiful cities and across the U.S.  My hobbies include social outdoor activities.  For example: Going to parks, the beach, springs, swimming, paddleboarding/kayaking, rollerblading, e-boarding, adventure/ropes courses, yoga, and circus arts.  If I can be in nature with smiling faces, I am happy 🙂


Currently, I live in an apartment with my boyfriend, 1 cat, 2 bunnies, and my plant children.  Growing up, I had multiple cats and 2 dogs:  a Rat Terrier and a mixed Schnauzer.  At a young age, I went vegetarian and then vegan.  When I became a teenager, family and friends thought I would be a good candidate to watch their animal children for them.


I have experience with “animal sleepovers”, where I have stayed over night at friends homes to give their animals continuous attention and care.  As far as my experiences with other dog breeds, I’ve personally cared for Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Pitbulls, and a Pointer. I have also interacted with most dog breeds in my life.  I enjoy working with animals because once an animal is comfortable with someone, whatever love and care is given to them, they reciprocate gratitude right back.

Servicing Areas:
Feather Sound, Gandy/Gateway Area

Services Provided:
Cat Sitting, Dog Walking, Overnight Stays, Pet Sitting

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