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“Hello! I am originally from Columbus, OH and moved to St Pete in 2011.

My boyfriend Jason and I met here in 2012, then moved to Minneapolis for his job shortly after. Thankfully, he brought his mermaid (that’s me) back to the warmth and the sea 18 months later. We absolutely love living in St Pete! When we’re not at the beach, kayaking, chasing the moon & stargazing, or exploring the beautiful nature in different areas nearby, we’re probably downtown hanging at Dog Bar or headbanging at a metal show.

I grew up with a calico cat as well as Rotties and Goldens, who remain a couple of my absolute favorites, but I am very passionate about pit bulls and bully breeds. The first dog of my own was my boxer/pittie girl Layla aka my monkeygoose.

I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and she’ll be 13 this fall! She’s the best girl and just wants to lick your face all day.  My sweet foster bullies Abner and Denali went on to wonderful forever homes, and my last foster Novie, a bat-eared staffy mix, was a “foster fail”; we were just too obsessed with each other not to end up together. She’s my baby lycan/”little black raincloud of course” and will be 10 this year (but she thinks she’s 5). We also have a corn snake named Blake.  I had never been around snakes before him, but he’s a chill dude. We’re hoping to add a feline friend to our family some day in the future.

I’ve been working in various parts of the pet industry since 2009.  Mostly in natural/holistic pet retail with some shelter/veterinary kennel experience and independent petsitting sprinkled in. A s a pet market associate, I found it very rewarding to help pet parents solve issues and make their furkids’ lives better with nutrition and natural products.  As a wonderful bonus, I got to see four-legged (usually) customers daily.

Falling in love with pit bulls and becoming a foster mom and passionate advocate for the breed (and rescue dogs in general) has given me experience with pups who have reactivity or require extra time and/or space to be comfortable.  Animals have their own needs and personalities just like people; honoring their differences and keeping them safe and healthy in all aspects is extremely important to me.

Dogs (and cats and other non human friends) feed my soul and make my heart so very happy! I just couldn’t live without them.  Every job has challenges, but overall it’s hard to have a bad time when your days are spent near animals or getting to help them or their people in some way. I’m so excited to meet your babies and care for them while you’re away!”


Servicing Areas:
Old Northeast, DTSP, Tropical Shores, Coquina Key, Shore Acres, Skyway District, Gulfport, St Pete

Services Provided:
Pet Sitting, Overnight Stays, Dog Walking, Cat Sitting

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