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A recent transplant from Anchorage, Alaska, where I spent 28 years in public education.  In 2019, I moved to St Pete and my entire life was spent with pets.  Sampson, my latest, is pictured here outside one of our favorite Alaska villages, Talkeetna.  (The mountain in the background is Denali, or “The Great One.”)  Alas, not a warm-weather fan, he chose to remain in Alaska.  Sampson is being well-cared for by some close friends from the Veterinary Assisting class at King Tech High School and I retired there in 2019.

I am excited about joining the Calling All Dogs team.  In just a few short meetings with management, it’s become clear that the organization has its priorities in order.  Calling All Dogs offers superior pet care; high regard for clients; and strong support and concern for staff.  What a great next career opportunity, as these are all values I espouse. I look forward to taking good care of your pets in and around downtown St. Pete, and sharing Alaskan adventure stories with them.  I have plenty!

Servicing Areas:
Old Northeast, DTSP, St Pete

Services Provided:
Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitting, Doggy Sleepovers

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