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Originally from Connecticut and moved to Florida in 2016.  I have had a wide variety of pets and breeds.  Currently, I have a Brussels Griffon, named Chewie.  An Australian Shepard/Bluetick Coonhound mix, named Dallas.  A Boxer/ Vizsla mix, named Stella.  Two American short hair cats:  Karma and Kylo.

In 2017, I got married and our animals are our kids!  My hobbies are reading, painting, hiking, yoga, gardening, and learning new things.  I had experience volunteering at a local shelter back in Connecticut.

When our friends & family go on vacation, I have taken care of their animals.  I’ve taught both of my cats “paw”, which they only do on command.  Now, they are not constantly batting us all day (haha).

I love working with animals.  Animals reciprocate unconditional love and joy, as long as they are treated with love and respect.  My naturally calm nature makes even the most anxious animals at ease.  My awareness and adaptability ensures each animal interaction is unique and rewarding.  No two animals are the same!

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Clearwater, Safety Harbor

Services Provided:
Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitting

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