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Pinellas County (727) 537-6306
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Hi!  Born in California but moved to Florida when I was four,  so I’ve been here pretty much my whole life.  Just recently moved from Tampa to St. Pete and I absolutely love it here.  My mom and dad were both born and raised in Durban, South Africa.  They bounced around the world for a while,  eventually had me and my brother and then moved to Florida where we have been ever since.  My dog, Georgia, who lives with them, actually came with them all the way from South Africa.

Growing up, I had an English Bull Terrier, named Georgia.  She was so sweet and had such a crazy personality.  My dog that I have now is Jackson.  He is a rescue,  but I think he’s a mix of a Jack Russell and an Australian Shepperd.  I have never met any dog like him, he is unbelievably smart.

I enjoy playing with my dog the most, but I also enjoy soccer, painting, swimming and hanging out with my friends.  I grew up in a very friendly neighborhood, so I was constantly dog sitting or walking dogs.  My favorite dogs to walk were the two Great Danes that my neighbor had.  I love working with animals because they are very easy to connect with and every single animal has a completely different personality and I love getting to know the animals I meet.

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St Pete, DTSP, Gulfport, Skyway District, Mid St Pete, Kenwood

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Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitting, Doggy Sleepovers

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