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Pinellas County (727) 537-6306
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Kat S

I am from Naples Florida and have lived in Florida for about 10 years now! I have one dog named Bentley! He is an Alaskan Klee Kai. His birthday is October 27th and he is 2 years old!  I go to school at Eckerd College and major in Film Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Currently, moved out of my home in Naples and moved fully to Saint Pete with my boyfriend!

As my major says, I love making films and I hope to become a very successful director when I graduate along with having my own production company!  A lot of my films have been played around Florida in film festivals!  I have always had experience with animals ever since I was a little kid!

Used to have a “dog walking” service around small communities that I use to live in!  I also did a lot of volunteer at shelters through middle and high school. My college also partners with a fostering program where students can foster animals until they get adopted! I am very passionate about animals and tend to like them more than I even like my boyfriend 😉

Servicing Areas:
Shore Acres, Coquina Key, Tropical Shores, DTSP, St Pete, Old Northeast

Services Provided:
Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Pet Sitting, Doggy Sleepovers

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