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Born and raised in Tampa, Florida and lived in some big cities and small towns.   Eventually, I came back to the Tampa Bay Area in 2017.
I’ve had pets of all kinds growing up!  I am currently raising Bleu who is a mix of Blue Heeler/Beagle and Help co-raising a Mini Pig called Truffles.  I come from a big, supportive family who live all over the US and have a wonderful partner. We love to travel to see our families!
My interests include art, design, fashion, volunteering, camping, biking and of course animals!  I’ve had 4 years of professional experience working with animals. I’m always the one my friends go to when they need a pet sitter.
Animals simply make our lives better. I have a unique amount of empathy for all animals and have been known to create bonds instantly, which is why I love working with them.

Servicing Areas:
St Pete, DTSP, Kenneth City, Old Northeast, Shore Acres, Kenwood, Tropical Shores

Services Provided:
Dog Walking, Overnight Stays, Pet Sitting, Cat Sitting

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