• Zachery Forbes

    Both my boys love seeing the CAD team. I don't have to worry when I am away, Will only use CAD

  • Susie Stroud

    We've been CAD customers for about 4 years. Super reliable, passionate about pets, and a great value!

  • Tori Strong

    I love how thorough calling all dogs are. I love reading about my pups walk and seeing pictures on each visit! 100% recommend!

  • Julia Miller

    Amazing company! They made us feel comfortable from day 1, very professional, and they love Leo like their own!! The app / pictures / updates are amazing! ♥️

  • Kristin Shulman

    Calling all dogs is the BEST! They have a great scheduling system, fast feedback and response. Responsible and super caring. I will never give them up. Really fantastic!

  • Abby Jackson

    My dog sitter was fabulous! She texted me pictures throughout the day of my dog and was always sending updates. The website is super easy to navigate through but the app is even better and more convenient! The owner was very welcoming. Overall i was very happy with how everything went! This company is great for busy people who need flexibility.

  • William Bevil

    Calling All Dogs was the best walking service I have ever used. Everyone showed that they loved our dog Benji and they came to meet him before the the first walks. You could tell that Benji had a great time in all of his walks. I will continue to use Calling All Dogs. The App they use is great. I really love the photos they took during each walk.

  • Lyndsay Drake

    Calling All Dogs does an awesome job all around. As someone who is on call at the hospital during the week, they are extremely flexible and helpful when it comes to last minute schedule changes and adds for walking my dog. I can always depend on them to help me out whenever needed. Love seeing the pictures they post of my dog whenever they walk her. Highly recommend them!

  • Joe M

    Calling All Dogs is a well-organized dog walking/sitting service. I signed up with them after several people in my building recommended their services. They sent the walker assigned to my dog over for a free meet and greet, and that person spent time getting to know my dog's routine and personality. At their request, I completed a detailed form that covered his vet, vaccinations, and his characteristics. My dog was happy and well fed when I returned.

  • Brittany Burke

    This is truly a wonderful service! From setting up the initial visit, to meeting Beth, to payment; everything was so easy. The whole team is very responsive and you can tell they all care so much and love what they do! Beth was awesome! She actually saw Ms. Kitty a few times, got pictures and even pet her once. Ms. Kitty is usually very afraid of new people and usually hides from them. I was so happy and surprised! Our stress and worries went away immediately after hearing from Beth the 1st time!! She was wonderful! She texted me everyday with updates and photos! Well appreciated!! I am so thankful to Steve. Beth and everyone at Calling all Dogs! I will definitely use this service again!!

  • Heather Brandon

    THE BEST!!! I will try to keep this short.. but they are the best out there. I never trust anyone with my Greyhounds. That means I barely take even day trips so as to not have them alone too long. Over the summer I picked up a pamphlet at a coffee shop near my house, then a few days later these guys were at a fair at my work. I spoke with the owners for a while and they understood all my concerns and showed me their system. We did a meet n greet with Evan who is our assigned sitter, and our backup sitter- so everyone meets each other. Last night they had their first visit and it was even better than I knew it would be. Plus I got a realtime alert when the visit was done and I saw the GPS tracking, photos of my kiddos and a journal entry about the visit. The app and website lets you custom everything down to each individual pet. I could rave on some more- but just try them and you’ll see how amazing they really are!!!